This e-Services portal provides services to Citizens, Abu Dhabi Government Entities, Corporates, Residents and Visitors alike by providing access to all those EAD's services that can be transacted upon using the online (or Internet) medium. This easy-to-use portal has been built keeping you in mind while being loaded with new features for you to experience and enjoy.

In its current-state, this portal offers the following services:

1.     Dealing with Hazardous Materials (HazMats) permit.

2.    Commercial Fishing licenses.

3.     Hadhra Fishing licenses.

4.     Garghour Fishing licenses.

5.     Lost & damaged Garghours tags.

6.     Weekly Recreational Fishing licenses.

7.     Annual Recreation Fishing licenses.

8.   Aquaculture licenses.

9.  Registration of Environmental Consultants.

10.  Registration of Water-well drilling contractors.

Subject to the Terms & Conditions of use, you will be required to register for e-Services through the "Register for e-Services" link on your left hand side to access any of the services listed above. We shall keep adding new services to this portal - please check the announcements section for updates.

For more information about  our services kindly visit Abu Dhabi eGovernment portal or address an email to Customer Relations Division

In order to serve you better we welcome your ideas, suggestions or complaints, just click on "Submit Feedback" and write to us.

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